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Bodysmart Personal Training & Wellness Consulting

Areas of Wellness and Fitness Consulting
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Blood Pressure
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Wellness Coaching and Training Philosophy

Welcome to Kim Miller's web site!

It's about you! But you may want to know a little about me.

Wellness Consultant

Personal Trainer 

Health Consultant

Kim Miller

     BS in Health Education

    Certified – Wellcoaches Corporation

     Endorsed by American College of Sports Medicine                

     Certified – American Council on Exercise

Achieve your health and fitness goals through focused collaborative interaction with a certified knowledgeable expert.

Dedicated to your success.

Achieving more than what you could on your own.

 Partnered with you to achieve the optimal outcome.

 Rooted in the practice of positive psychology and always progressing you forward.

Focused on you to achieve the healthy life that you deserve!





Phone:  904-501-6002

Bodysmart Personal Training Inc